A1 Racing have plenty to offer our private service members compared to other racing services. Our private service has produced huge overall profits since commencement.

Not only do our private service members receive the very best genuine inside information, they also have the privilege of receiving all the necessary information regarding our own horses in training.

We own flat & national hunt horses and firmly believe that our team of horses for the 2017 Flat Season will more than pay their way.

Our racing team manager STUART McCALLUM is without doubt the backbone of A1 RACING. Stuart recently had a feature in a racing tabloid which included the following questions and answers.


Q. Why has the A1 Racing private service been so successful?
A. It's a fact that the vast majority of tipping services fail to provide long term profits. Our service has provided very healthy profits every year, due to our value betting format combined with genuine information. On average we usually advise between 6-10 bets per month.

Q. What is value betting?
A. Value betting is basically backing a horse at a bigger price than it should be - in other words avoiding horses that do not warrant their short prices in the betting markets. This of course is an art, and must only be applied when fully in the know.

Q. Is genuine information important?
A. It's not just important, it is vital! Without genuine information, you cannot survive as a punter. I personally regard my contacts as the very best in the business, some of which are actual trainers.

Q. Do you have horses in training?
A. Yes, winners at up to 14-1 in our own colours. All horses have a plan. One way or another, our aim with all of them is to carefully prepare them to win their races when our money is on in a major way.

Q. What does the future hold for A1 RACING?
A. Hopefully more horses in training, combined with a very profitable and successful Flat Season in 2017.